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Initial Assessment & Review of Existing Debt Structure & Servicing
Financial Analysis & Forecasts
Preparation of Executive Summary & Request for Financing
Develop List of Potential Lenders & Manage Introductions to Client
Manage Dissemination of Data & Diligence Process
Assist with Negotiation of Optimal Financing Structure & Terms

For a distressed business, an opportunity to refinance is often seen as a lifeline.  There is a temptation to exit difficult banking relationships in favor of a fresh start with a lender who “wants” your business.  A troubled company may be able to free up additional cash by increasing advance rates or by borrowing against previously unleveraged assets as part of a new financing package.  While these may be excellent reasons to move forward with refinancing a distressed business, it is critically important to start this process with a thorough assessment of its strategic implications.  Just because you can refinance, doesn’t necessarily mean you should refinance.


Wadsworth Whitestar professionals begin every refinance process by first developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s unique needs and how refinancing will impact both the business and stakeholders.  Only after it is clear that pursuing a refinance is an appropriate strategic alternative do we move forward with the process.


Our ability to understand and successfully navigate the unique obstacles to refinancing a distressed business, coupled with a deep knowledge of capital markets and an extensive network of financing sources, enables Wadsworth Whitestar to deliver unparalleled results.


Of Corporate Value
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