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In an increasingly difficult economic climate characterized by rapid market changes, global competition, a constantly evolving regulatory environment, and accelerating technological transformation, even minor strategic missteps can trigger a cascade of unforeseen business challenges that can quickly become a threat to corporate survival.  A downward spiral is not inevitable, however.  Early, aggressive intervention can reverse a downward trajectory and preserve corporate value.  Wadsworth Whitestar offers a suite of professional services tailored to meet the needs of companies in all stages of decline or distress.


Of Corporate Value


Of Corporate Value

Today’s economic environment is unforgiving.  The margin of error is almost nonexistent.  The consequences of a strategic misstep, operational mismanagement, or financial miscalculation are immediate and severe.  The time it takes to go from loss of revenue or margin to working capital crunch to liquidity crisis to covenant default to insolvency can be measured in months or even weeks.  Wadsworth Whitestar has a proven record of success assisting even the mostly deeply distressed businesses avoid this death spiral, turn back from the precipice of business failure, and restore corporate value.

Of Corporate Value


An unfortunate reality of efficient capital markets is that there are times when the recognition of corporate value through the divestiture, sale, or liquidation of assets is the best alternative available.  However, the sale of a distressed business or its assets is a complex and highly specialized process.  Traditional business broker and investment banking models are ill-suited to meet the unique challenges of successfully selling a distressed business, while at the same time managing cash flow, stabilizing operations, and preserving customer relationships – all in the context of potentially contentious creditor issues.  Wadsworth Whitestar has a proven record of preserving going concern value and successfully closing transactions in even the most deeply distressed situations.  Whether acting as an exclusive financial advisor to equity and management, as a consultant to a court appointed receiver, or in the context of a federal bankruptcy sale, the professionals at Wadsworth Whitestar have consistently outperformed stakeholders' expectations.


Since 2005, we have served as advisors in the going concern sale of more than 60 businesses, preserving thousands of jobs in the process and recognizing total transaction value in excess of $375 million for stakeholders.

Buyers, sellers, and their profeesionals have consistently recognized the value of advisory services provided by Wadsworth Whitestar. Breadth and depth of experience, a high degree of technical proficiency, and an expansive network of strategic and financial buyers combine to make Wadsworth Whitestar a trusted and effective resource. We are honored that the professionals with whom we work turn to us time and time again as a preferred alternative.


Please visit our Acquisition Opportunities page for information on businesses we are currently marketing for sale.

           Thanks to your recommendations and help with implementation we are once again extremely profitable and have grown by over 30%.


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